Fihumin builds schools in Brodi (Ghana)

Fihumin has been heavily committed to building schools in Africa for some years now. At the beginning of the year, one more school was completed in Brodi with the help of Fihumin.

“Enabling children in very poor regions to go to school and offering them prospects for the future is very important to us,” emphasise Dirk Jungclaussen and Carlo Priolo, the Management of Fihumin. Fihumin has taken on the task of implementing this and further projects in Africa so that more children are given the opportunity to go to a school and obtain a basic education. Children who go to school and receive support have better job prospects later on. They learn to form their own opinions and to make their own decisions. And they know how to stay healthy and, for example, how to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS.

School education in Ghana normally begins in a child’s sixth year. However, there are often not enough schools in a district or the schools are in such a bad condition that it is not possible to teach in them. Added to this are problems caused by the frequent lack of sanitary facilities or no access to clean drinking water.
In total, 6 classrooms, one staffroom, one storage room, one toilet block and a well with a storage tank were built. There was already a school on the site, the SAD Primary School. However, this building was in a very bad condition. It was very run down, open on all sides and the children partly had to sit on the ground. There were no toilets or clean drinking water.

Thanks to the completion of this school, more than 400 children will be given the opportunity to complete a basic education. The construction of the well and the water tank will not just meet the drinking and process water needs of the school, but also those of the village. Water-borne diseases will also be reduced.
Fihumin worked on this project with the Reiner Meutsch Stiftung FLY & HELP and Madamfo Ghana Bettina Landgrafe e.V. The Fihumin team is very pleased about the successful commissioning of the school and is already planning to implement additional projects and actively help children in Africa.

Fihumin’s Climate Neutral Future

As a leading manufacturer of premium private label dry food for dogs, cats and rodents, Fihumin is aware of its responsibility towards future generations, and is committed to the issue of sustainability. Fihumin has therefore recorded its greenhouse gas emissions and has compensated for these unavoidable emissions through a climate protection project.

“Sustainability, climate and environmental protection are very close to our hearts and are central aspects of our corporate philosophy. As a company, it is also our responsibility to actively contribute to climate protection, to slow down global warming and to ensure our planet is a habitable environment for future generations,” says Carlo Priolo CEO Fihumin.

Fihumin logged the company’s CO2 emissions with ClimatePartner, and compiled records of their Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), from heating and energy consumption to employee travel, business trips and office supplies. The CCF is regularly updated and monitored to track the success of the targeted measures

Fihumin will avoid and reduce its future CO2 emissions wherever possible; for example, the company is implementing sustainable mobility concepts and offers its employees attractive hire-purchase offers to purchase a new bicycle through the JobRad programme. Company vehicles have also already been converted to electric and hybrid cars, and we are constantly exploring ways to make further reductions.

Fihumin is currently supporting a climate protection project to offset its corporate emissions, and the aim is to eventually cut all the company’s avoidable emissions and only allow emissions that are essential. In addition to avoidance and reduction, the prevention of CO2 emissions is an important step towards holistic climate protection. Greenhouse gases like CO2 are distributed evenly in the atmosphere, so the greenhouse gas concentration is roughly the same everywhere on Earth. In terms of the global greenhouse gas concentration and the greenhouse effect, it is therefore irrelevant where on the globe the emissions are generated or avoided. Emissions that cannot be avoided locally can therefore be offset by climate protection projects elsewhere.

Fihumin’s climate protection project

In an effort to reduce its CO2 emissions, Fihumin supports a recognised climate protection project certified in accordance with international standards: Saubere Ozeane (clean oceans), Plastic Bank, Weltweit (worldwide). This is a project in which local residents in Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines collect plastic waste which they can exchange at collection points for money, food, drinking water or school fees. The project ensures that less plastic ends up in the sea and is instead recycled and processed into ‘social’ plastic, which is used as raw material for new products, e.g. packaging.

“The Plastic Bank project not only enables us to contribute to ridding the world’s oceans of plastic, but also to improve the quality of life of the local inhabitants and to create new products from the waste plastic,” says Priolo.

This project holds the Gold Standard VER (voluntary emissions reduction) (GS VER), and therefore complies with particularly high requirements: not only does it cut CO2, it also contributes to sustainable development on site. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations provide a globally recognised benchmark to measure these positive effects. The Plastic Bank marine conservation project strives to achieve the following objectives, which include fighting poverty and hunger, promoting education and the distribution of clean and affordable energy worldwide. For more information, please visit:

“Although we have achieved CO2 neutrality in the company, we are continuing to work on making other areas more environmentally friendly. Moreover, education, which is regrettably still not a basic human right in many countries, is something that has been very important to us for many years. We are therefore already planning and financing the construction of schools in African countries with Welthungerhilfe (aid for world hunger), and are also contributing to making education more accessible with the climate protection project Saubere Ozeane, Plastic Bank”, says Priolo.


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Image reference: Saubere Ozeane (clean oceans), Plastic Bank, Weltweit (worldwide),

Fihumin builds second school in Kilema (Kenya)

After the successful completion of a primary school in Damang (Ghana) in 2018, Fihumin has now built nine classrooms for Kilema Primary School in Kenya.


Kilema Primary School is one of the oldest schools in the Makueni district. It is located in a very dry area, with an average rainfall of just 300 mm per year. Because the children are partly taught in buildings classified as unsound, they urgently need new classrooms. The team from Fihumin has long been involved in the extremely poor education situation in Africa. By building new schools, Fihumin wants to help children in Africa to be given access to a solid basic education.

The children receive teaching material there and learn to read and write in child-oriented lessons. In addition, the water supply and sanitary infrastructure have been expanded in order to provide amenities such as safe drinking water for the children. The children will be taught important hygiene rules, which will protect them from diseases. They can take these rules back to their families and establish them there.

The classrooms financed by Fihumin were planned together with the German Welthungerhilfe aid organisation and realised with the involvement of the local population.  The management board and the entire Fihumin team are very pleased about the successful realisation of this sustainable project and will continue their commitment to Africa.


Our customers’ demands are constantly evolving as regards sustainability and climate-change, amongst others.
We react to this by offering new and innovative products, such as a complete feed for dogs and cats with insect protein.

What is special about a complete feed with insects?
Insects provide very high-quality proteins (with a comparable protein content to meat), as well as valuable fatty acids and minerals; they thus offer a perfect alternative to meat.
In addition, they have high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) and linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid). Furthermore, the food is also ideal for hypoallergenic dogs and cats. The use of insects also helps to protect the environment and no antibiotics are used in the breeding.
In addition to the extruded recipes, cold-pressed and grain-free recipes with insects are also available.

Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Fihumin GmbH at Interzoo 2018 in Nuremberg!

We would like to inform you that we will be represented at the international trade fair Interzoo 2018 in Nuremberg with our own stand this year as well.
You will find us in Hall 2 at stand 210.
Please contact us in time for appointments.

Fihumin Group of Companies Takes Over Dutch Co-Packing Company Dutch Pet Products

The Fihumin group of companies, specialists in the area of private label pet food and co-packing, took over the Dutch co-packing company “Dutch Pet Products (DPP)” including all of its business activities on 1st February 2017. All of its employees were retained and integrated into the new group of companies.
“The takeover represents the strict continuation of the expansion strategy in the co-packing segment in order to be able to offer our international customers in the private label area even more diverse and flexible solutions.“
The DPP takeover has provided Fihumin with another 3,000 m² of production space for immediate use, as well as another approx. 15,000 m² for potential future expansion.
The Fihumin group of companies is therefore well-equipped for the future and in a position to be able to meet the increasing demand of its international customer base, especially in the private label area, in the optimum way.

New, grain-free Super Premium recipes with fresh meat

We are pleased to inform you that we will produce two new, grain-free recipes with high meat content in the Super Premium range from January 2017.
Salmon or chicken variants are available as fresh meat sources.
Just like with all other raw materials, we only use high-quality fresh ingredients that are sustainable and available to us in a consistent quality.
Our fresh meat products are also produced using classic extruder Technology. The meat is delivered fresh and chilled and added to the extrusion process through an additional product flow.
This new production method also gives you and us the opportunity to actively promote fresh ingredients and very high meat content in the dry food sector. You also have the option to use various advertising claims individually thanks to the special composition of the respective recipes.
Please feel free to contact us; we will be happy to advise you.


Fihumin GmbH manufactures cold-pressed dog food

For several years now, cold-pressed dog food has been developing from a niche or trend-setting product to a constituent of many dog food brands and pet food product ranges.
But what actually is cold-pressed dog food?

Cold-pressed complete food is manufactured without any additional exposure to heat in the form of steam. The raw material is first carefully blended and then molded in a special cold press. Due to the relatively low temperatures prevailing during manufacture, the nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals are optimally preserved.

Fihumin GmbH, one of only few manufacturers of cold-pressed dog foods in Europe, has been offering a variety of formulae since 2013.
At your request, we will also develop a cold-pressed formula exclusively for you.
Having more than 30 years of experience in the animal feed sector, we will stand by your side and advise you comprehensively on how to expand your product line the right way.

Please contact us, we look forward to assist you.

Fihumin GmbH launches new presentation on the web!

We are delighted to inform you that our homepage is shining in a new splendour since the middle of last month. You will now get an overview of our product portfolio and our diversified manufacturing technologies we use to manufacture your individual food formula. In addition, we immediately give you the opportunity to register for our e-mail newsletter in order to receive company news on a regular basis. And right next to our download section where you can download certificates, data sheets etc. you will also find the direct contact data of our employees. If you have any questions, requests or suggestions we are still here on site, always looking forward to assist you.

Fihumin GmbH at the Interzoo 2016 in Nuremberg!

We would like to remember you that we will exhibit our merchandise again at this year’s international trade fair Interzoo 2016 in Nuremberg. You will find us in Hall 2 at Stand 514. If you plan to attend the trade fair on certain days only, please feel free to contact us and make an appointment, so we can help making your attendance as effective as possible: We look forward to assist you.