Product Range Consulting

Regardless whether it may concern dogs, cats, horses or rodents, we will inform you about the options our company provides for all animal species.

Are you interested in a fast realizable product range?
No problem. We carry 200 standard formulae and are therefore also able to fulfil your specifications at short notice.

Are you looking for an individual product range?
No problem. We will develop together with you a product range according to your specifications, which will enthuse you and your customers alike.

You don’t know yet what your product range should exactly look like?
No problem. We will advise you about the various possibilities of product mix width and product mix depth, show you the respective advantages, and together with you estimate what your customers want.

Please contact us. We look forward to assist you.

Formula Development

Once you have decided in favour of a product range, the details will have to be worked out.
We will elaborate individual formulation proposals for you, based on your product specifications. Should you desire any modifications, we will make an assessment and then consider them in your formulae.


We also render active support in the sector of food packaging. We will show you the various options and what they cost. No matter if you prefer paper, polyethylene, or metallized packaging materials, may they be glossy or matt, a top slider, a zipper, a hook-and-loop fastener or a window, a perforated tear-off edge or … The world of packaging holds a great variety of options from which we will select the optimal solution together with you.

Creating a Concept

Once we have successfully agreed on the product range, developed the food formula and chosen the right packaging materials, we will create an individual concept for you. In this concept, you will find all the information and once again get an overview as to whether all your specifications really have been fulfilled.


After successful manufacturing you decide how you want to receive the merchandise. We are able to make the merchandise available to you in the packing units of your choice and deliver them ready for sale.
If you prefer packing the merchandise yourself we will be able to supply the merchandise in large containers. You decide which option is the best.

After-Sales Service

When for other companies the work seems to be done, our services will by far not be finished yet. We will stand by you in word and deed. Regardless of any specific questions which you or your customers may have, with our experts we will cover the full range of subjects relevant to you, from the raw materials over nutrition physiology to questions of packaging, storage, etc.

Please contact us. We look forward to assist you.