Super Premium Complete Foods

What does Super Premium complete food mean?

  1. High-quality raw materials
    Our raw materials come exclusively from certified suppliers and are subject to continuous internal and external monitoring procedures.
  1. Scientifically corroborated formula design
    We develop individual formulations based on scientific evidence to suit every demand. Super Premium stands for animal food optimally tuned to nutrition physiological aspects, taking into consideration, for example, race, age, weight, and other traits.
  1. Meticulous manufacturing
    Careful extrusion and cold pressing provide the basis for our manufacture of highly digestible complete foods for cats and dogs.
  1. Continuous quality control
    All our products are subject to a strict internal quality control, from the raw materials to the finished product. Owing to the continuous certification of our suppliers as well as various self-inspections of all our manufacturing steps we guarantee quality on the highest level. We certainly are GMP+ -certified.
  1. Function al additives
    Depending on the requirement profile of the formulae, we provide a variety of functional additives, for example, designed to improve and/or stabilize your pet’s immune system, promote its shiny coat, attenuate pain in case of existing joint problems, etc.

Super Premium means: Your individually optimized food without compromise when it comes to quality.