Fihumin GmbH manufactures cold-pressed dog food

For several years now, cold-pressed dog food has been developing from a niche or trend-setting product to a constituent of many dog food brands and pet food product ranges.
But what actually is cold-pressed dog food?

Cold-pressed complete food is manufactured without any additional exposure to heat in the form of steam. The raw material is first carefully blended and then molded in a special cold press. Due to the relatively low temperatures prevailing during manufacture, the nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals are optimally preserved.

Fihumin GmbH, one of only few manufacturers of cold-pressed dog foods in Europe, has been offering a variety of formulae since 2013.
At your request, we will also develop a cold-pressed formula exclusively for you.
Having more than 30 years of experience in the animal feed sector, we will stand by your side and advise you comprehensively on how to expand your product line the right way.

Please contact us, we look forward to assist you.

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